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Optimizer Pro 3.3

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Optimizer Pro – the tune-up utility software

Does your computer stop responding, or keep crashing randomly? Do something about it! PC Utilities Pro proudly presents the newest tune-up utility software: Optimizer Pro. This complete system suite speeds up your Windows and enables optimal PC performance. How is it possible? By simply deleting junk files, Optimizer Pro gets you extra disk space. Make the best out of your computer! Allow it to run faster and eliminate freeze-ups.

Clean up your system. NOW.

Computer running slow? It’s because of countless junk files, invalid shortcuts or online activity history items. These parasites need to be exterminated today. Gain extra disk space and increase system performance with Optimizer Pro. Bonus: 100% online privacy guaranteed!

Get detailed scan reports

The Quick Scan tool provides the number of identified issues, grouped by categories. For each category, it generates a full report of detected problems or threats. And did you know that you can optimize Windows via your startup settings? Just limit the number of running programs to items of basic use.

Track down those errors

Wishing your computer ran faster? Speed it up today with Optimizer Pro! This software ensures overall PC maintenance while permanently keeping your Windows registry nice and clean. By finding and deleting useless files, it gets you that extra disk space your PC needs.

Extra disk space. Free!

Wouldn’t you like to have more free space on your disk? Optimizer Pro gets rid of unused files or folders. They occupy a lot of memory space, they slow down your computer or worse, they make it crash. Allow us to take care of this! Achieve higher PC performance and get yourself more virtual memory! Fix stability AND freezing issues with Optimizer Pro.

Quick Restore & Backup

Let Optimizer Pro safely clean up your Windows registry and increase system security. If you change your mind and want to restore or reverse effects of unwanted changes, the Backup feature will save the day.

Optimizer Pro


Optimizer Pro 3.3

User reviews about Optimizer Pro

  • speedpro

    by speedpro


    Hey there, Optimizer pro just fixed all shit on my computer. I had 1254 PROBLEMS. This thing is like Cillit bang. BA...   More.

  • abdul.goku.5

    by abdul.goku.5

    "Great software."

    It is a great software that cleaned my registry and helps me speed-up my PC whenever I need it..   More.

  • ecogreenteam.pancevo

    by ecogreenteam.pancevo

    "I deleted all the junk files fast with this software"

    I deleted all the junk files fast with this software. I tried lot of programs but with this one you have opportunity...   More.

  • Marty Cook

    by Marty Cook

    "Great tool if you need to fx, speed up, optimize and maintain your PC"

    Great software to keep your PC up to date. It really helped me speed up my computer..   More.

  • Alex.Anderson

    by Alex.Anderson

    "A great software for PC optimization."

    Worth a lot more than I paid. User-friendly, excellent interface, quickly speeds up PCs!.   More.